Business reputation management software for managing your reputation and reviews

Amazeful is a business reputation management software. Amazeful helps businesses monitor and improve their reputation on social sites while dealing with their customers using new technologies such as AI, machine learning, and speech recognition. Amazeful’s core feature is monitoring businesses’ reputation across 15 top review sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp and Tripadvisor. It also has a Transcription for text comments feature, allowing businesses to transcribe audio messages from call centres and offline communication with customers directly to the text to monitor what their customers are talking about them online easily. The Response Automation feature is reserved for enterprise users. This feature helps businesses automatically reply to negative comments without giving enough time for those negative comments to go viral.

Tired of negative reviews and online survey results hurting your business? Amazeful allows you to create a positive online presence through easy-to-use reputation management software featuring social surveys and email campaigns.

Amazeful is the only fully-managed reputation management software designed to manage your reviews, listings, and customer concerns on  Amazeful is an innovative tool to manage your reputation and reviews…

It helps businesses promote accurate and complete profiles on the Amazon Marketplace to protect their brands and increase sales.

Amazeful creates a single, real-time view of your customers by consolidating all customer information gathered from sources throughout the enterprise. It enables business users to be proactive about every customer interaction for delivering personalized service and increasing retention. Amazeful will work with your people your processes to provide exceptional service and experience to your customers that grow your business and improve margins.

Amazeful delivers unmatched operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness and rich customer targeting capabilities to enable customers to comply with personal data regulations while enhancing customer loyalty and unleashing the power of their existing data assets.

Amazeful is a specialized software designed to help businesses boost their reputation on Amazon. Our tools and automation make it easier than ever to monitor the feedback on your Amazon account, prevent negative reviews and rank higher, fix bad reviews and suppress them deep in the search results and better handle updates and cancellations of your orders to avoid negative feedback.

Reputation management software that focuses on helping you improve your online reputation. We integrate with online review sites and the Amazon marketplace to provide you with one platform to review, measure and improve.

Amazeful simplifies requesting reviews, removing negative comments and making sure consumers have the correct information about your company.

Get more positive reviews for your business with Amazeful and gain more exposure on Amazon.