Driving Under the Influence and Car Accidents in Las Vegas

Even in Las Vegas, you are not permitted to operate a vehicle while inebriated, just like practically anywhere else. You also cannot be using drugs, even if they are prescription medications, similar to alcohol. It’s critical for you to understand that doing this puts other drivers on the road at risk as well as yourself. When you behave recklessly and operate a vehicle, not only is your life in danger but also the lives of others. Avoid driving after drinking; what can seem like fun could lead to jail time. You might wish to engage injury lawyers if a drunk driver caused an accident in which you were involved. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that drunk driving-related automobile accidents are more frequent than ever, with an estimated 550 accidents reported each year. And over 26% of all accidents involving cars are the result of drunk drivers. Therefore, the best course of action if you are out partying and become inebriated is to call a cab or have friends drop you off at your house. 

Level of alcohol in blood:

Upon getting stopped by police officers and getting tests done, if it is found that the alcohol level is higher than or 0.08, it will be established that you are intoxicated. If the blood alcohol level is higher than that, you may even be subjected to harsh penalties and even be thrown in jail. It must also be remembered that people who are even below the age of 21 can be charged for even 0.02 percent, of their blood alcohol level. In some cases, it was found that people who were determined to be intoxicated even had to spend a year in jail. In general, people may be sent to jail for fifteen days to twelve months, depending on the situation and their level of intoxication. Additionally, up to 240 hours of community service may be required. 

Final thoughts:

Did you recently get injured in a car accident in Las Vegas because the other driver was driving under the influence of alcohol? In that case, you’ll be able to file a claim with the help of a personal injury lawyer to recover the damages you suffered in the accident. Reach out to a lawyer before the statute of limitations to file a claim ends to have a better chance at winning the claim