Must-Have Skincare Items in UAE

Summer is here, and so being the heat! With heat comes UV rays, dirt and sand from the beaches and sweat. So your self-care session is not something you can ignore. While it is important to redesign for your closet according to the summer vibe, it is equally important to take care of yourself and do it properly. You cannot forget the option of sunscreen in summer as you can forego it in the winters. Your skin has a moisture barrier that needs to be replenished every day and you have to be specifically careful about damaging that barrier. If you do not take care of it properly, your skin will end up looking lifeless and dull both on camera and off. The more you take care of yourself, the better you will look and eventually feel. The summer is all about looking and feeling good after all.

If you want to know the top beauty products necessary to have in the UAE that will let you enjoy the vibe of summer while keeping you fresh and fragrant, keep on reading.

1- Moisturizers

The first and foremost necessity in any skincare routine is moisturizer. You need to moisturize at least twice a day to hydrate and plump up your face. Some people have dry skin and others oily, or sensitive. But that should not make you reluctant to experiment with different moisturizers. Bath & Body Works has the perfect moisturizers for your skin type: whether you have extremely oily or acne prone skin, or dry and sensitive skin. The face creams are vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free and dermatologically tested, so you don’t have to wonder about where the loyalties of this brand lie. Save up to 70% on your favorite moisturizer by using these Bath & Body Work discount codes.

1- Body Lotions

After the hassle of choosing the perfect moisturizer comes the problem of choosing a body lotion that suits you, does not smell too much and can be used on a daily basis. You cannot afford to neglect your body after all. Give your skin the same love by choosing from Bath & Body Works daily nourishing or moisturizing body lotions. If your skin is particularly oily, or have pores that can be irritated, go with the daily nourishing lotions. These provide moisture all day without making your skin appear too oily or irritating your pores. If your skin is dry, you would do well with the moisturizing lotions. Try Groovy Watermelon Daily Nourishing lotion for a fruitier and sweet scent!

2- Body creams

If the body lotions are not cutting it out for you with their high-water content, maybe body creams are the option for you. With a heavier barrier, body creams lock in moisture better than lotions do. So if you want a product that truly worth the money and absorbs all the moisture your body skin can, try out Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon Ultimate Hydration Body Cream, exclusively available online. If you don’t like the cool scent, maybe Dark Kiss Body Cream will suit you better with its dark and musky scent. So many options available, so go check them out at a discounted rate!