BBQs2U Brings the Most Versatile Outdoor Grill with Masterbuilt Gravity 800 Series

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BBQs2U never misses to give you a chance to explore the world of barbecues as they keep launching the latest models of Masterbuilt, which is one of the largest BBQ brands in the US.

Masterbuilt BBQs are famous for their innovative, affordable and versatile range of products. They took the world in storm when they launched their first digitally controlled charcoal barbecue and smoker as the Gravity Series in 2020.

The introduction of the Gravity Series made a huge impact, which also proved that Masterbuilt never disappoints its customers and is always ready to offer the best innovation.

The Gravity Series grills are versatile as they are quite easy to use and fun to gain complete mastery both for beginners to experienced grilling enthusiasts.

In short, Masterbuilt’s Gravity Series have made charcoal barbecuing much simpler and more convenient.

Masterbuilt Gravity 800 Series – a beast with grilling

The latest launch of Masterbuilt Gravity 800 Series continues the trend which is a digitally controlled charcoal grill and is quite a beast with grilling at high heat.

Masterbuilt Gravity 800 is the third launch in the Gravity Series after the Masterbuilt Gravity 500 which continued with the Gravity Series 1050 model.

Although it has less cooking space than 1050, this model comes with a major upgrade which is the wide flat griddle at the top.

The two removable cast-iron racks coated with porcelain provide a whopping cooking area of 800 square inches, which is more than sufficient to cook a huge meal.

Runs on low to high heat spectrum

The Gravity Series 800 can run on both low and high heat spectrums ranging from 225 to a ripping intense 700 degrees Fahrenheit which can be reached within 14 minutes.

The hopper can hold 10 lbs charcoal lump which ensures you have 10 hours of constant heat. Just fill the hopper with charcoal, put it on fire and allow the gravity to do the rest.

The fan at the bottom of the grill pushes the hot and smoking air in the grill where your food is cooked to perfection.

The two heating options allow you to choose whether you wish to grill and sear or griddle the food.

The Masterbuilt – Gravity Series 800 is a more versatile cooker, which is a welcoming addition by the brand to the grilling and smoking market.

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